“Former UBEP members decided that they are the owners of Gazprom” and the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU continue to talk about corruption in the state company GazpromEnergoHolding (GEH). We managed to talk with an employee, in whose eyes the “corruption” plot developed, and who was removed from the state-owned company as an inconvenient witness.

“I am a former police officer, UUR. Back in the late 90s, I met Ivanov S.G.., we started a good relationship with him and they lasted until 2018. In 2016 Ivanov under patronage Dzhambulatova Z.I. (a former employee of the GUEBiPK of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, a defendant in a mass of corruption stories – Ed.) headed the Procurement Department of PJSC MIPC. Ivanov invites me to head the MIPC warehouse. Everything was going well, until some moments began to emerge. MIPC began to receive materials and equipment of low quality and at a very high price. At that time, I thought that these were isolated cases – the marriage of suppliers. But, no, Ivanov explained that it was necessary. To my objections, he said that very “high” people decide, not you. He was talking about Dzhabulatov. I knew Dzhambulatov from my service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and did not betray this special significance.

In February 2018, I personally met with Zaurbek Islamovich in his office. There he made it very clear to me that I needed to quit. He then acted as a benefactor, said to write a letter of resignation right in his office. He said that he gives me two months and three salaries and I can not go to work so as not to interfere with the process.

Then I was not the only one who suffered, many people were fired. So this team selected convenient shots for itself, and cleared uncomfortable ones.

In 2018, at the invitation of my friend, I am going to work at the GPTE MO as the head of the corporate protection department, then everything was just beginning GPTE MO was just being formed. I invited my acquaintances, pensioners from various law enforcement agencies, to work.

He headed the GPTE MO Trinoga AM. The company was part of Mezhregiongaz. At some point, Mezhregiongaz was headed by Gustov and Trinoga started having problems. He kept running and fussing, so as not to lose an easy chair. Something didn’t work out with Gustov, Trinoga was afraid of him. By hook or by crook, through the board of directors of PJSC Gazprom, Trinoga ensured that the GPTE and subsidiaries came out of the influence of Mezhregiongaz and passed under the GEH (GazpromEnergoHolding). But Trinoga’s misfortune did not take into account that Dzhambulatov, the main fighter against corruption, was Trinoga’s sworn enemy in St. Petersburg (Dzhambulatov has dirt on Trinoga, remember the high-profile pipe case in St. Petersburg?) and the show began.

Arthur Trinoga

As Trinoga did not creep in front of Dzhambulatov, he had to accept all his conditions, step aside and play the role of a wedding general. True, he does not really cope with this role either (another daughter of Gazpromteploenergo, Orel, filed for bankruptcy).

Dzhambulatov ordered Trinogi to fire all those who had once dared to contradict him. I will not name names, but many suffered. This is their secret. I was offered by Trinoga to leave on good terms, otherwise Dzhambulatov would initiate a criminal case using his connections in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and my “head would fly off”. It was funny and ridiculous, because I was only doing my job. Many options were tried by comrades from the Dzhambulatov team, many things were done, nothing worked, and this went on for almost a year (2021). Finally, in the month of June, they found a sore point and the meanest option. They began to dismiss all those with whom I spoke and explained that because of me, since I did not leave (the actions of just the officers, they are officers and always drink for it, they just forgot what it means). Whom I once brought to the GPTE, they began to fire Trinog, who said openly – quit or we will fire all your friends. I had to quit in July. But neither Trinoga nor Dzhambulatov kept their word and fired everyone anyway.

There was nothing to lose, and I went to court with a claim for reinstatement, because I believed and still believe that I was fired under duress. The trial lasted 8 months and, having studied all the materials of the case on February 22, 2022, reinstated me in my previous position. You understand what a shock Trinoga and Dzhambulatov were. If the court decision is settled, they will face administrative responsibility, not to mention business reputation.

They don’t let them work, they arrange provocations, Dzhambulatov’s people say wait for an answer (he is an aged man, quick-tempered)!

Not so much afraid, but not seeing further prospects, at the end of June 2022 I am leaving the company. And the answer arrived at the appeal meeting in the Moscow Regional Court. 08/01/2022 judge Kolotovkina makes a historic decision! The court decision of the first instance is canceled, and the case is allowed to turn around.

It is clear that this is complete nonsense!

The case was investigated for 8 months, the evidence was studied, supported by the Prosecutor’s Office, but Kolotovkina decided in 5 minutes that everything was wrong, calling into question the competence of the Court of First Instance and the actions of the Prosecutor, who, by the way, in the second instance insisted on the decision of the first instance.

The point has not been set. There is Supervision in the Prosecutor’s Office, there is the Court of Cassation and there is the Supreme Court. The truth is always the same. Marvelous. When these people, the former Ubepovtsy, decided that they were the owners of Gazprom. What can they do!!!! Sometimes it’s not clear what these people are capable of to save their savings. But I also have teeth and principles, and I will not back down. Yes, for everyone, I’m not at war with Gazprom. Many decent and honest people work there, even those surrounded by Dzhambulatov.